Drafted Decision to ban importation of endangered species


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is composing a draft decision to completely ban the importing of all endangered wild animal species such as rhino, tiger, pangolin, black bear/ sun bear to be imported to Vietnam. The Prime Minister is expected to sign off on the decision by the end of the year.



Phu Yen: Inappropriate settlement of confiscated wildlife


On August 11, Phu Yen authorities confiscated 16 Vietnamese pond turtles (Mauremys annamensis) while raiding a house in Dong Hoa district. All the confiscated turtles were found to be in poor health. Dong Hoa FPD immediately auctioned off the turtles to a local registered wildlife establishment one day later.


Hanoi: Lucky to accidentally catch wildlife?


On October 12, 2011, Mr. Nguyen Ba Toan, a fisherman, caught a 25.5 kg Asiatic soft-shell turtle (Amyda cartilaginea), measuring 1 m in length and 0.6 m in width. Two days later, the turtle was sold to a Chinese man.