Vietnam: Good progress but more work required on wildlife crime

Vietnam has made significant progress in tackling wildlife crime in recent years but there is still a long way to go in defeating the criminal networks behind the illegal trade, new research has shown.




Great progress on tackling wildlife crime in Vietnam illuminates challenges ahead

TEN critical actions that Vietnam can take now to stop the illegal trafficking and trade of endangered wildlife



Wildlife farming brings profit - not conservation


Wildlife farming in its present form does not contribute to the conservation of any endangered species. On the contrary, there is evidence to demonstrate that it harms wild populations and has an adverse effect on the ecosystem.

If we are to secure the future of our wildlife what is required are new innovative approaches to tackle the increasingly sophisticated criminal networks that have made wildlife trafficking a multi-million dollar enterprise to rival drugs, arms and human trafficking. Regulation alone will not counter the spiraling impact wildlife traffickers are wreaking daily on our biodiversity.