Translation of Articles 234, 242 and 244 (Penal Code 2015)

 Penal Code No. 100/2015/QH13, with the expected effective date in 2017, stipulates stricter criminal punishments to wildlife offenses under Article 234, 242 and 244. Apart from acts of hunting, catching, killing, rearing, caging, transporting and/or trading of endangered, precious and rare species, their body parts and products, the revised Code also includes possession as a criminal offense, closing a critical loophole that previously allowed criminals to escape with fines for keeping tigers, rhino horns, other endangered species and their products.




Errors found in Vietnam's new Penal Code

The 2015 Penal Code, scheduled to apply on July 1, has been found yesterday to contain around 90 errors, which could create many practical problems. The National Assembly’s Standing Committee has requested an urgent vote to defer an amended version of the Penal Code after finding many errors in the legislation, only days before it is set to come into effect. The deferment voting result will be announced on June 30.





5 Years in Prison for The Bastard of The Internet

As reported yesterday, the court session to try Phan Huynh Anh Khoa's case was opened this afternoon, June 21. He was sentenced 5 years imprisonment and fined VND 50,000,000 ($US 2,230) today.