Findings from ENV’s “Wildlife Farming in Vietnam” Investigation: Evidence of Widespread Abuse

From October 2014 to July 2015, ENV carried out an investigation at 26 large multi-species wildlife farms across the country. Shocking figures from the investigation report demonstrated that wildlife farming practices in Vietnam are poorly regulated with widespread abuse of regulations reported at all of the farms that were targeted.  ENV further concludes that commercial farming and trade of wildlife is without question impact wild populations of these species and pose a serious risk of accelerating the extinction of these species in Vietnam.





ENV's Wildlife Crime Unit hits 10,000 cases today!

ENV celebrated a special milestone today. A crime reported by a member of the public through ENV’s Wildlife Crime Hotline 18001522 concerning a macaque kept at a bus station marked ENV’s 10,000th wildlife case.




Translation of Articles 234, 242 and 244 (Penal Code 2015)

 Penal Code No. 100/2015/QH13, with the expected effective date in 2017, stipulates stricter criminal punishments to wildlife offenses under Article 234, 242 and 244. Apart from acts of hunting, catching, killing, rearing, caging, transporting and/or trading of endangered, precious and rare species, their body parts and products, the revised Code also includes possession as a criminal offense, closing a critical loophole that previously allowed criminals to escape with fines for keeping tigers, rhino horns, other endangered species and their products.