Pangolin seizure confirmed to be African pangolins

A seizure of nearly 85kg of pangolin scales from a bus in Thai Binh province in late March were identified this week as being of African origin.

Apr24 PangolinInHaNoi


This is one of a number of cases in the past year that ENV is aware of involving African pangolins being smuggled through Vietnam to China. It is also an indicator that Vietnamese criminal networks are expanding their reach into other parts of Africa. Criminal syndicates operating from Vietnam and African countries have already been implicated in rhino horn, ivory, and lion bone smuggling. ENV is tracking this case very closely as the vehicle used in this seizure was linked to a prior smuggling case as well. Last week, an ENV investigation also resulted in the seizure of 36 pangolins in Hanoi following a year-long investigation of another family involved in the pangolin trade. In that case, the pangolins were not from Africa and were subsequently transferred to Soc Son Rescue Center in Hanoi.