Public urged to stop consuming bear bile in support of ending bear farming in Vietnam

Hanoi, May 26th 2015, Well-known Vietnamese actor Trung Hieu has joined Education for Nature - Vietnam’s (ENV’s) campaign to end bear farming and is featured in the latest public service announcement (PSA) released today by ENV. In the PSA, Trung Hieu urges the public to create a better world for future generations by putting a stop to the use of bear bile and an end to the cruel and illegal bear bile industry.





The PSA touches the heart of viewers by showing the concern of a father for his daughter upon seeing her distress watching scenes of bear bile extraction on television. Trung Hieu, who plays the role of the father, soothes his daughter by explaining “No one in our family uses bear bile” then turns to tell the audience “Let’s build a world full of happiness and love for our children, by not using bear bile to put an end to the cruel and illegal bear bile industry”.


The demand for bear bile poses a critical threat to Vietnam’s bears. In 2005, more than 4,300 bears were being kept at farms across the country and exploited for their bile which is used in traditional medicine to treat bruises and other ailments.  


“The PSA will help the public understand that use of bear bile supports a cruel and illegal form of business”, says Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, ENV’s vice director. “The public can help play a very important role in ending bear farming and trade in Vietnam by avoiding any use of bear bile and encouraging others to join the fight for our bears.”


This PSA is the 24th public service announcement to be released by ENV and is part of a long-term campaign to reduce consumer demand for products made from endangered wildlife.


ENV gratefully acknowledges World Animal Protection for their long term partnership in phasing out bear farming in Vietnam and their valuable support in producing this PSA. ENV also wishes to thank national and provincial TV channels, VTV Cab, An Vien TV (AVG), VTC Digital and RailTV for committing to air the film, enabling this important message to potentially reach millions of people across Vietnam. In addition, ENV wants to express its gratitude to the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel for their support in our campaign to protect bears and for showing the PSA in over 400 hotel rooms.


The PSA with English subtitles can be viewed online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV1ju-kkpD4  


More details about ENV’s campaign to bring an end to bear farming and trade can be found at:





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