ENV put pressure on the authorities to rescue Ha Long's remaining bears

Whilst we can all celebrate the end of bear bile tourism in Ha Long, the success is bittersweet. The scene there now is of empty farms with their few remaining caged bears that reportedly are being neglected by their owners now that the government is prohibiting the extraction of bile from these bears.


Mar10 HaLongBears


 This has raised growing concern among national and international communities. Local authorities have sat down many times with bear farmers but have failed to reach an agreement. The farmers want financial compensation to hand over their ‘assets’. They are holding the bears hostage with a view to exploit them to their final breaths.

ENV have just sent a statement the media urging them to join us in putting more pressure on the authorities not to compromise with bear farmers but to CONFISCATE the bears immediately so that they can be transferred to rescue centers.
Here is the whole article (in Vietnamese) http://www.daidoanket.vn/index.aspx?Menu=1433&chitiet=101682&Style=1