Loneliest rhino in the world: Surrounded by armed guards, he's the last male of his breed - victim of an evil trade that's wiping out these giants Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3040970/Loneliest-rhino-world-Surrounded-armed-guards-s

Disbelief. That’s what you feel when you meet a rhino in the wild. You just can’t come to terms with the fact that you and he are sharing the same air, the same continent, the same century.
I’ve had close-up experience with three of the world’s five surviving species of rhino: the white rhino looks like the main battle tank of an extra-terrestrial army, while the black is more like a hot-rod armoured car.
The greater one-horned rhino, meanwhile, sometimes called the Indian rhino, looks as if it’s been riveted together from pieces of boiler-plate.
Surely they can’t be real. You feel as if you’ve slipped back into the Jurassic era and were looking at some great horned dinosaur, for they couldn’t possibly be part of the 21st century.
It’s as if the creatures of the past had suddenly invaded the present, as if the Lost World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had been found again.

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ENV put pressure on the authorities to rescue Ha Long's remaining bears

Whilst we can all celebrate the end of bear bile tourism in Ha Long, the success is bittersweet. The scene there now is of empty farms with their few remaining caged bears that reportedly are being neglected by their owners now that the government is prohibiting the extraction of bile from these bears.


Mar10 HaLongBears



Endless effort goes into the battle against rhino horn trafficking

Three months after the ENV - Rhinose Day mission to South Africa, journalist Doan Hoang is still active in spreading the word for rhinos, inspiring Vietnamese consumers to stop buying rhino horn.


Jan30-Endless effort against rhino horn trafficking