Phu Yen: Inappropriate settlement of confiscated wildlife


On August 11, Phu Yen authorities confiscated 16 Vietnamese pond turtles (Mauremys annamensis) while raiding a house in Dong Hoa district. All the confiscated turtles were found to be in poor health. Dong Hoa FPD immediately auctioned off the turtles to a local registered wildlife establishment one day later.


Hanoi: Lucky to accidentally catch wildlife?


On October 12, 2011, Mr. Nguyen Ba Toan, a fisherman, caught a 25.5 kg Asiatic soft-shell turtle (Amyda cartilaginea), measuring 1 m in length and 0.6 m in width. Two days later, the turtle was sold to a Chinese man.


Major tiger farmer sentenced to imprisonment


The world has been turned upside down on long-time suspected tiger trader Huynh Van Hai, owner of the Than Canh Tourism Park in Binh Duong province. Hai was sentenced on March 10 to three years in prison for selling tigers out the back door of his park, fourteen other people linked to Hai’s illegal activities, including his son, received sentences ranging from 18 months’ probation to 30 months in prison. In addition to imprisonment, Hai and two other subjects were fined more than VND 1.4 billion (about USD 70,000.00).