Convincing consumers that killing of rhinos for medicine brings no benefits, only false hope

In 2012, 668 rhinos were killed illegally in South Africa alone, and so far in 2013 up to the 1st of March, 96 rhinos have been killed to meet the demand for traditional medicines made from rhino horn. Vietnam has been identified as a major consumer market, and Vietnamese nationals have been connected to both illegal hunting and smuggling of horns from South Africa.

ENV is initiating an urgent campaign to reduce consumer demand for rhino horn and needs your support.

Planned campaign actions

•    Production and airing of two public service announcements (PSAs) on TV nationally
•    Profiling of consumers to clearly identify values associated with the use of rhino horn
•    Encouraging public reporting of crimes involving rhino horn
•    Actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies in Vietnam and South Africa to combat rhino horn smuggling

Your generous support will go towards helping ENV produce the PSAs.  One PSA will capitalize on the recent sentencing of Vietnamese nationals in South Africa to long prison terms for smuggling of rhino horns. The fact that neither man will be returning home will be highlighted, warning others not to engage in smuggling of rhino horns or other endangered wildlife.

The second PSA will follow ENV’s assessment of consumer values associated with the use of rhino horn, focusing on dispelling the belief that rhino horn can magically help treat illnesses.

Help us make a difference.  We are a small but effective Vietnamese organization that is working tirelessly to protect wildlife.

More on rhino horn trade in Vietnam

 “The rhino horn trade is unique in that the killing is occurring many thousands of kilometers away in South Africa, where Vietnamese nationals have been connected to both illegal hunting and smuggling of rhino horns destined for markets back in Vietnam.”

Rhino stamp

In Vietnam, the Javan rhino presently only survives on a postage stamp



rhino chart 3

A Snapshot of Public Feedback on Rhino Horn Use

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